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In Alex rider series what are the names of Alex's parents?

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How did Alex Rider change from the start of the series to the end of the series?

If your talking about his physical appearance, it didn't change. At the end of the last book (Crocodile Tears) Alex turned 15. However, Alex is described to show pain and know

How many Alex Rider books are there in the series?

There are currently 8 books out he will not be making 11. he will be making 10 the 8th is Crocodile Tears. The 9th will be Yassen. The 10th will be either Endurance Point or S

What is the order of the Alex Rider series?

the order is of which to read is: Storm breakerPoint BlankSkeleton keyEagle strikeScorpiaArk angelSnake headCrocodile tearsScorpia Rising

What is the Alex Rider series about?

The Alex Rider books, written by Anthony Horowitz, are really good, and have made Anthony Horowitz my favourite author. Following the death of his uncle, Ian, Alex Rider, 14,

Does it matter which order you read the books in the alex rider series?

Sorta...the Alex Rider series all have the same basic story line in all 9 books: Some criminal plans to do something horrible to the world and Alex, a 14-year-old spy, stops t

What is the first book in the Alex Rider series called?

The first book in the Alex Rider series is called Stormbreaker. The rest of the series is as follows: 2. Point Blanc 3. Skeleton Key 4. Eagle Strike 5. Scorpia 6. Ark Angel 7.

How many books are there in the Alex Rider series?

There are nine and will not be any more coming out. First one is 'Stormbreaker'(released 2000). Second is 'Point Blanc'(released 2001). Third is 'Skeleton Key'(released 2002).

Who is Alex Rider?

Alexander "Alex" Rider (born February 13, 1987) is a fictional character. He is the protagonist and title character of the popular Alex Rider series of novels by British autho

What is Alex Rider?

Alex Rider is a series of spy novels by English author Anthony Horowitz about a young spy named Alex Rider. The series is aimed primarily for teenagers.Seven novels have been