Can a mortgage company in Iowa come after a spouse if that spouse is NOT on the loan but IS on the title in the event of death?

Answer . \nIowa is not a community property state, but that does not change the fact that the home is still considered collateral for the loan. In the vast majority of cas (MORE)

Am I responsibile for debts after the death of my spouse in Florida?

Florida is a T enancy By The Entirety state when matters relate to married couples. That being the case, a surviving spouse is only responsible for those debts that were joint (MORE)

Can a spouse sign a deed without the other spouse knowing it and the other spouse is on the mortgage?

What you are suggesting may constitute fraud. Also, in some states one tenant by the entirety cannot transfer their sole interest by deed. Keep in mind that mortgages contai (MORE)

What if one spouse is 70 and the other spouse is 45 can a reverse mortgage still be done?

No, not if both own the real estate. There are age limits for reverse mortgages. You need to consult with a local bank for some details about reverse mortgages. No, not if bo (MORE)

Can spouse lock other spouse out?

It depends on the state you live in! Most often, if both people have established residency and get mail delivered to that address, pay bills together or are responsible for bi (MORE)