In an exam if i use an answer from another question do i use the final answer or the unrounded answer?

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When do you use 'do' 'does' and 'did' in a question?

Use "Does" if the subject is third-person singular (he, she, it, John, Sally, the cat, etc.). Use "Do" everywhere else. Did for past tense . EXAMPLES: She DOES love him but she feels it's time to move on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

When is a used car sale final?

A used car sale is usually final when the title changes hands.Unless a person lives in a state with a lemon law, used cars aresold as is. If something was grossly misrepresented, like themileage, there is recourse the buyer can take to recoup some of themoney paid.

What is a passing grade on the US Postal Exam?

Answer . On all U.S. Postal exams the passing score 70 and 100 is the top score and that does not include veteran's points. It is important to remember that although 70 is a pass, the exam is competitive which ultimately means that you could get a passing score but still not get hired because the (MORE)

What is US CPA Exam?

US CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant exam. Accountantstake this exam to enhance professional credentials as a nationallyrecognized accountant.

What were previous AP US history exam dbq questions?

1607 - 1700 Early English Colonialization 1993 1750 - 1776 Colonial Unity & Identity 1999 1750 - 1780 Democracy in Wethersfield, CT 1976 1781 - 1789 Articles of Confederation 1985 1789 Alien & Sedition Acts 1977 1801 - 1817 Jefferson & Madison: Constructionists? 199 (MORE)

US history AP exam scores?

hello, this is a person who took US History AP exam this year.. I think i got 4 for DBQ and 3 for both FRQs.... I skipped about 20 questions in MC.. If there's a curve for the MC scores,. how many MC questions should i get right to pass the exam?

How was slavery finally abolished in the US?

Slavery was abolished after the Civil War, when the 13th Amendment was passed by congress on December 6, 1985. It states as thus: . 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United State (MORE)

Why are calculators used in exams?

well it is used for calculating numbers and would be useful but usually calculators are not used during exams as it is a basic rule for not using them !

Some useful tips for cello exams?

On the A string don't push down on it just skim lightly, as pushing down makes it creaky. Try and remember where you need to rest and have a practice test, with Mum being an examiner, at home. I've got one today - - Make sure you are holding the bow properly before you begin. Keep the fingers of y (MORE)

How was the gestapo used in the final solution?

Basically the Gestapo were not used. They were responsible for helping round Jews up or arresting other undesirables, but this was part of their normal duties as policemen, not part of the Final Solution.

Does jeopardy use the same final jeopardy questions?

Jeopardy does not reuse Final Jeopardy clues. However, due to the category and wording of a Final Jeopardy clue, it is possible to have duplicated Final Jeopardy questions. An example of this would be the episodes of March 18, 2008 and September 23, 2009. Though very different clues, the respons (MORE)

What was the civil service exam used for?

The civil service exam was used by the Chinese to determine who could have some political power. It was based on Confucian ideas and taken by men, mostly wealthy ones. Sometimes, connections outweighed scores though.

What are some popular essay questions on the AP US History exam?

All the essay questions, from 2004 to 2011 (including each year's form b version) can be found at the below website.. This site also has great study aides for the AP Exam such as actual MC questions, quizzes, s (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using analogy exams?

PITFALLS IN USING ANALOGIES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM However, an analogy is a double-edged sword in that uncritical use of it may lead to misconceptions. This is because there is no such thing as a perfect analogy, that is, it is almost always impossible to have a perfect one-to-one fit between the (MORE)

What is made in US and final assembly in US?

"Made in the US" means that all parts to a product were manufactured in the United States. "Final assembly in the US" means that parts may have been manufactured outside the country, but it was put together in the U.S.

When do you use 'me' as an answer to a question?

You can use "me" as the object of a sentence to answer a question. When asked who's at the door, the answer, "Me." is the object of the sentence "It's me."; the "it's" or "it is" is implied.

Can you use calculator in online exams?

That would probably depend on the exam - and the purpose of the exam. Check the rules for any specific exam you want to take. For example, the CCNA exam (in computer networking) forbids the use of calculators; in fact, the testing-taking software won't let the student open additional programs (like (MORE)

Are you allowed to use a pencil on a Mathematics exam?

Because it is fairly easy to make a mistake while trying to solve a math problem people generally use pencils instead of pens for math courses. If you are a student, I suggest asking your teacher or professor what he/she will allow you to use. If you can't figure it out before your exam be sure to b (MORE)

Is it possible for an outsider to post a question to be used in the final Jeopardy?

There is no Process currently existing that allows you to provide the Final Jeopardy Clue and Category to be answered. . Jeopardy has website and under the category The Crew Crew you can provide an interesting location or to quote them: "Maybe your hometown is located on a famous historic site. (MORE)

What kinds of questions using Likert scale could be asked about students cheating in exams?

The Likert Scale often uses a five-point format such as: . Strongly disagree . Disagree . Neither agree nor disagree . Agree . Strongly Agree You'd write your questions in the best possible way to elicit one of those choices. You'd make the questions about "cheating on exams" as (MORE)

Why the US finally entered the war?

The U.S entered the war for 2 reasons: 1) A telegraph was sent to the Mexican President from Germany requesting Mexican entry into the war on the side of Germany and the Central Powers and requesting a subsequent Mexican invasion of the United States. The telegraph was intercepted by American intell (MORE)

When do you use 'is' in a question?

Use is to make yes/no questions with singular subjects. Is that your book? Is she your sister? Compare: Are they coming? Are we eating out?

Why do you use final variables in java?

Final Variables Declaring a variable with the final keyword makes it impossible to reassign a different value to that variable once it has been initialized with an explicit value (notice we said explicit rather than default). For primitives, this means that once the variable is assigned a value, (MORE)

What is the US History AP Exam Format?

There are 80 multiple choice questions, 2 FRQ's(fact based questions), and 1 DBQ(document question.) If you are taking the APUSH Exam then I wish you the best of luck! :)

What is the US citizenship exam for?

The citizenship test is a part of the naturalization process. The test is done to check English language knowledge and also the knowledge about USA civics.In order to check your interest and intention for applying for US citizenship the tests are conducted. If you fail in the test you are given a se (MORE)

What are the essay questions from the issa's fitness trainer final exam?

Topics . Identify the major surface muscles located in the body. Whereare the origins and insertions of these muscles? List the intendedactions as well as an exercise or movement for each. A minimum offifteen muscles is required. . List the major joints in the body (minimum of six). For each oft (MORE)

Could i use highlighter in exams?

It depends what type of exam, you have . if you have a language paper like English or you have your history exam then you should use a highlighter it will help in fetching you extra marks whereas if you are having technical exam like maths or science then you need not waste your time in using it bec (MORE)

Where can you take the US Constitution exam online?

Candidates for a California teaching credential who need to satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement now have the option to take the test online at USConstitutionExam . This is the official Constitution exam of Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. It is super-convenient, secure, and accepted (MORE)

How is an entrance exam useful?

The purpose of an entrance exam is to identify those who have the knowledge and skill base to perform the work expected in the University or Institute and to separate them fro those who do not.

Why use final in java?

The use of final denotes that a variable is a constant. For example: final int PI = 3.14; makes PI a constant. This is useful because now PI can't be changed, even accidentally, by you, the program, another programmer, or a user. Once a value is final, it is permanent, and can be used as a constan (MORE)

When do you use does in a question?

Use does when the subject is he /she/ it or a singular noun subject. Does he like ice cream? Does it like milk? Does the parrot eat peanuts? Questions with does are yes/no questions they can be answered by yes or no.

When can you use do or does in a question?

when asking whether an person/thing performs a certain action. for example "do wolves eat meat" or "does Bill Gates own Microsoft". Use "do" when the subject is in the plural and use "does" when in the singular

How do you use at in question?

Use of the word "at" in a sentence: Does the ceremony begin at 2 o'clock? Did the officer fire at the suspect? Will you find your jacket at school?

What can you use who in a question?

\n . you can ask a question about a person for exmaple like who is comming to your party tonight . RIGHT - Who is used when it is the subject of a sentence. "Who will go to the store?" as an example. If it is being used as an object or in a prepositional phrase, the word to use is 'whom' - "You ar (MORE)

What are exam tables generally used for?

Exam tables are generally used to show how well schools are doing at helping their students achieve exam success. They have been criticised however for the focus they bring to just one aspect of a school's remit.

What is the Series 65 exam used to qualify for?

The Series 65 examination is used for qualifying investment advisor representatives. Once someone has passed it then they are qualified to act as an IAR in certain states such as Delaware.

What is the CNA exam used for?

Actually a CNA exam (also known as Certified Nursing Assistant Exam) is most often seen as the first step in starting a career in the professional nursing area. Additionally a CNA exam could help to get access to additional programs.

How do you use Final Cut Pro?

There is a site called, that has tutorials andinstructional videos on Final Cut Pro. I'd suggest visiting thesite for the information you are seeking: