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Investigatory project of Eggshell Fertilizer?

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What is an investigatory project?

An investigatory project is: a planned undertaking in a particular field of science. an undertaking which applies certain specific principles / scientific ideas. a reseach ac

What are the importance of investigatory projects?

why investigatory project is important?    To provide students practical experience in using the  scientific method and help      stimulate their interest in

Investigatory project related in chemistry?

Investigatory projects related to chemistry can include experiments  using chromatography, which can be done with liquids or gases.  Another would be to run experiments on h

What are the Scientific steps in investigatory project?

  Below are the basic steps that your students can follow in doing investigatory projects:   = Step 1. Gather Ideas =   Observe surroundings and notice the things th

What is the most unique investigatory project?

There is no such thing as The Most Unique IP cause as we all know Science is not just based on one study, it is everything around us! I tell you, the most unique IP that one c

What investigatory project can you do with malunggay?

- Malunggay Disinfectant - Malunggay as Regualar Cooking Oil - Malunggay as Cleaning Agent - Malunggay as Ointment - Malunggay as Shampoo - Malunggay as Herbal Tea

An example of investigatory project in physics?

Remove hard returns, delete this comment, and resubmit.  Investigatory projects involves lot of in depth analysis of the  given process. Examples of the Investigatory Projec

What is the best investigatory project that you can make?

Herbal Mosquito Repellent A mosquito repellent lotion from the leaves of atis (sweet sop) was invented by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD).
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How do you do eggshell fertilizer?

There are two ways to make an eggshell fertilizer. You can simply dry out and crush the eggshells and then bury them in the dirt around your plant (a few eggshells is all you

What are the meaning of the types of investigatory project?

1.collection of project. 2.designing and building an apparatus equipment or model. 3.developing a process for testing products. 4.improving / developing a new product or