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Should someone have investments if they have debt?

  Answer   Generally, investments are for long term savings, like retirement. That money should be left to grow for retirement and other goals. Current debts are mone (MORE)

If a deed to secure debt in the state of Georgia is not recorded by a mortgage company is it legal and binding?

Georgia is a "race notice" state and uses a deed as the security instrument for a debt affecting real estate. What that means is any instrument that affects real property m (MORE)

Should you pay off your debt or invest?

You should only invest if you can earn a higher after-tax return on your investments than the after-tax interest rate expense on your debt. Otherwise, you should pay down your (MORE)

How should one invest in debt or equity oriented schemes?

You have to take into account your risk taking capacity, age factor, financial position etc. The scheme invests in different types of securities disclosed in the offer documen (MORE)

Why should investment securities even be separated into different classifications?

The given criteria of company's ability to do as it wishes and its intention to do what it states should definitely not be the sole criteria to be used for classifying investm (MORE)
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What should one know before investing in camera security?

Before investing in security cameras, one should consider several things, including specifically what is being looked at, (one location or several) the timeframe that it will (MORE)
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What is an acquisition debt?

An acquisition debt is any debt used to buy, build, or improve aprimary or secondary residence.
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