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What is irony of situation?

The character acts in a manner opposite of what is normally expected.

What is the irony of democracy?

Democracy implies that every single citizen gets a "voice" and/or a vote, however due to the large population it would be impossible for everyone to have a voice for every sin

What does verbal irony?

Verbal irony is when what is said is different than what is meant.

What is irony?

Irony is a verbal or situational context involving outcomes that  are either unexpected, unanticipated, or actually the opposite of  what they should be. A statement may be

Irony in the necklace?

In an effort to look beautiful and wealthy for one night Mathilde borrowed a diamond necklace and subsequently lost it. Mathilde wasted her life working to pay off the debts a

What is visual irony?

Visual irony is when photographs or artwork are used to illustrate  situations that are opposite of what is expected. Most of the time  this is presented in a humors way.

Examples of irony?

 examples of irony :    a. my dad will be so happy if he will see my card in vibrant colors  b. its so nice of you to read my letters without asking my permission 

What is the definition of irony?

Irony can be: 1. The use of words that means the opposite of what one really intends (e.g. sarcasm) 2. A result opposite to what was expected The modern usage of irony is ofte

What is the irony in 'The Crucible'?

John proctor says his wife is a woman to never lie but then she does to save his name. He tried to repeat the 10 commandments and the one and only one he forgot was the one