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Is Appys the plural shortened form for appetizers?

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What is the plural form of this?

The plural of "this" is "these" (referring to more than one thing).

What is an appetizer?

Appetizers are small portions of food served before a meal tostimulate the appetite, such as egg rolls, but can be just aboutany thing that goes with your particular main dish

What is the plural form of you?

The second person pronoun you is both singular and plural. When speaking to one person, we say, "You seem happy today." When speaking to a group of people, we also say, "A

What is the plural form for is and am?

The conjugations "am" and "is" (first person singular and third  person singular, present tense of to be) have the plural form  are, e.g. we are and they are.

What is the plural form of he?

The plural form for the personal pronoun 'he' is 'they'. The plural form for the singular 'he' is they.

What is the plural form of him?

If more than one man is being referenced, in this case the correct plural for "him" (or "her") would be them (which is gender non-specific). They are object pronouns. "They"

What is the plural form of she?

The plural form of the personal, subjective pronoun 'she' is  they.   Example:   Jane Fisher gave me the flowers. She has a garden.   The Fisher sisters gave me t

How are plurals formed?

The majority of plural nouns are formed by adding -s or -es (after an CH, S, SH, X or Z, and possibly O). Some will double the ending consonant (quizzes). Words ending in

What is a plural form?

A plural noun is one that refers to more than one of an object or concept. The plural is most often formed by adding S or ES to the singular form (also sometimes altering the