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What is the most expensive watch?

The most expensive watch is Vacheron and Constantine, B. Actually the most expensive watch is the Chopards $25 million watch. The most expensive watch is the Chopard 201-carat watch, valued at roughly 25 million dollars. The reason this watch is so expensive is the high volume of gems it contains, including four different types of diamonds and many different shapes and sizes.

Why quartz watches are not as prestigious as some mechanical watches?

The most significant difference between a Swiss and a Japanese replica watch is the movement, while Swiss replicas come with an ETA movement the Japanese replicas come with a Miyota movement, similar to the movement found on Citizen and Seiko watches. Swiss replica watches's price usually range from $400 to $600 Mens Japanese watches's price range between $180 to $300 depending on the functions they have. Ladies Japanese watches usually sell for $100 to $200.

What is the most expensive rolex watch?

I don't know what the type of it is but i do know how much the most expensive type of watch is . It is £210,000

How does a quartz watch work?

It works by using the piezoelectric effect: if a small voltage is applied to a specially prepared crystal of quartz it vibrates at a definite and almost constant frequency which can be used to power a tiny motor to turn the hands of the watch.

What country invented the quartz watch?

No one country invented the quartz watch. America, Swiss and Japanall made important contributions to the making of the quartz watch.

What is the quartz technology of a watch?

A quartz crystal can be induced by an electrical current to vibrate. This property is used to provide a signal to drive the mechanism of a watch. The frequency of the vibration can be set by the correct cutting of the crystal's size and shape, and is highly accurate and stable. By choosing the appropriate frequency of the crystal [usually in the hundreds of thousands of cycles per second [measured as 'hertz'] and dividing this frequency down to one per second a signal can be made to drive a motor or electronic display etc. once per second with great accuracy.

Most expensive watch?

I have a watch made inAfrica in the diamond hills of Cupolapa.. It was crafted with perfect diamonds and made with solid gold.. It is a once in a lifetime watch that i am very proud to own.. The tribe that hand crafted this watch for me said to never sell it because of its value.. They told me the retail price would probably be around 3.5 million.. It is an amazing watch!!!!!!!!!!

Most expensive brand in watches?

The are many competing for the top spot. . Patek Philip . Girard-Perregaux . Vacheron Constantin . Baume & Mercier . Audemars Piguet

Why quartz watch runs slow?

they have gears just like mechanical watches and those moving gearshave small amounts of watch oil, after years the oil dries andslows down the watch and eventually will kill the circuid board butmost of the time it will run slow until you have a watchmaker takeit apart and clean it and put fresh oil.

Why are quartz watches so accurate?

bcoz as d electronic watches now available use vibration of a crystal of a substance called quartz to mesure time . d frequency of da vibrting quartz crystal in side these cloks n' watches is so regular dat dey lose or gain only 1s every10 years..... .to take mor information go to SHARMISHTA MAAM OF CLASS 5B DPS KALINGA ODISHA..... BY KALPAM NAYAK class 7a Delhi Public School Kalinga odisha

Is quartz used in watches?

yes, quartz is used in watches and the quartz watches are known as best watches in the world

What is the most expensive brand of watch?

A Rolex, Cartier or Omega in that order. But there are different Rolex watches like one can cost you 10.000 $ and the other 50.000$ but you can also get custom made watches that are much more expensive than Rolex because some have real diamonds on them basically whatever the customer wants and sometimes that can even add up to 100.000 $.

Why Swiss watches are so expensive?

for one reason, Swiss watch is a brand watch all over the world and also with skilled craftsmanship! All the process of making watches will cost a lot of time and energy!

Are mechanical watches quartz watches?

No, mechanical and automatic watches are powered by a mainspring, quartz watches are powered by a battery. A mechanical watch needs to be manual wound by the crown and is lacking a rotor. An automatic watch is wound by a rotor that tightens the mainspring, it can also be manually wound by the crown.

What makes quartz watch run slow?

There can be many thing that can cause a quartz watch to run slow.The most common cause would be an old battery.

Can you keep an automatic watch and a quartz watch in one box?

Yes! Of course I can! You may never imagine I can do this. But this is true. I just use a watch winder! I put my automatic watch in the winder and the watch winder has a bottom drawer. It can hold watches, cufflinks and rings etc.

What should you do if you found an expensive watch?

You should'nt have to ask this question. You should know right form wrong and right would be to find it's owner and or report it to someone who can do something about it.

Is the quartz watch the mechanical watch?

Quartz and mechanical watches use vastly different technology to power movements. A quartz crystal watch uses a tiny battery to electronically power the movement. A mechanical watch uses a balance wheel and hairspring. Hand-winding the mechanical watch powers the movement. For more information please refer to the related link below:-

Should you buy an expensive watch?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you want from it. Some people prefer quality watches with reasonable prices.

Is quartz expensive?

Something as common a quartz would probably not be priced for its quality, but its quantity would have a price. The reason diamonds are so expensive is because they are so hard to find.

Do you have to wind a quartz movement watch?

Many analogue watches nowadays use what's called a piezo-electric crystal to generate the energy required to function. In essence a piezo-electric crystal will generate an electric current when it is deformed, which can be achieved simply by applying a force to it (such as the one generated by the movement of your arm when you're wearing the watch). Recently, Nokia patented the first self-charging mobile phone, which uses the same principles in order to charge itself.

Are longines watches expensive?

Longines watches are apart of the swatch group company. Longines as a very long history in watch making and some believe the 50's were there golden years. They are great watches and priced fairly for the quality and history. 1.3k+ is the starting price for a longines.

Does Rolex make a quartz watch?

Rolex has a line of watches called Oysterquartz, they had a date model in steel and a day-date in gold. Google it for more info

Are Geneva watches waterproof?

No, I took a short shower and it rusted the inside and the dial. It's a new silicon watch with a jeweled face, says water resistant but isn't. well mine does not i have a fake and a real one now on the back make sure it says water proof! both of mine do i wash my hands and take a shower but one day i had on my real one and took a shower (forgot i had it on) and it never rusted up but be careful but if it does its a store like walmart to buy some watch cases (if you go swimming) the are clear and have a certain shape so you can still wear them though or get rust repelint gel so if it does rust up then rub that on there and also if you just wanna be carefull HOPED i Helped more >.^ (C) 2012 D.W.

Where can you buy Geneva watches?

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Why is quartz required in watches?

Quartz, is made up of silica and oxygen,it is one of the most common minerals on Earth. Billions of people use quartz every day, but few realize it because the tiny crystals they use are hidden in their watches and clocks. What do the clear or whitish crystal rocks found all over the world have to do with timekeeping While it's interesting to think that the quartz you find beautifying a landscaped lawn is also in your wristwatch, most of the quartz in electronics is synthetic, and specific quartzes can be created with specific frequencies for specific functions. Some materials, such as certain ceramics and quartz crystals, can produce electricity when placed under mechanical stress. The ability to convert voltage to and from mechanical stress is called piezoelectricity. Quartz crystals maintain a precise frequency standard, which helps to regulate the movement of a watch or clock, thus making the timepieces very accurate. Quartz is also used in radios, microprocessors, and many other technological and industrial applications.

Fake Geneva watches?

the stamp should be a slopy cursive i mean if its in cursive i had a FAKE one but i looked up real ones and they are usally in cursive they are at walgreens! for about 4dollars! or soo but here is a pic

How do you change the time on a Geneva watch?

We figured it out. All you have to do is pull out the button and turn it.

Are Tag Heuer watches expensive?

Tag Heuer Swiss watches are a high-end product, likely to cost you anywhere from $540, for their standard Formula 1 Men's Watch, to their most expensive product, the all-platinum Monaco V4, which will cost you a whopping $80,000.

Are Seiko watches very expensive?

Generally speaking, yes these are very expensive watches. This is avery well known watch maker that many people would enjoy to own.You can however find different deals to get the best affordableprice for the watches. They are available in different price brackets. 100 UKP for a men's watch which is waterproof to 100m should beconsidered as a sensible buy.

Why do you put quartz in watches?

Quartz usually gets used in two possible ways in watches. The most common way quartz gets used in watches is in the form of a quartz crystal oscillator. When a crystal of quartz is properly cut and mounted, it can be made to distort in an electric field by applying a voltage to an electrode near or on the crystal. When the field is removed, the quartz will generate an electric field as it returns to its previous shape, and this can generate a voltage. The crystal can thus be made to oscillate (vibrate) with a consistent characteristic frequency. Quartz has the further advantage that its elastic constants and its size change in such a way that the frequency dependence on temperature can be very low. In this way, the crystal can produce a dependable signal of known fixed frequency and thus can be used to measure time. Analog watches take this signal and use it to regulate the speed of movement of the hands of the watch. Digital watches can use the signal more directly to regulate when the display changes. Another more obscure application is the use of quartz crystal instead of glass to cover the watch face. The crystalline structure of the quartz makes the appearance a little nicer than when glass or plastic is used - and the quartz is a bit harder and more durable. It also is a bit more pressure resistant so it will occasionally be used this way in dive watches. Very few watches actually do this of course.

Are Tommy Bahama watches expensive?

Tommy Bahama watches range in price for whatever you can afford. Prices start at around $95 and go up from there. In comparison to normal watches they are a bit expensive but much cheaper than a lot of other high-end watches on the market.

Why are g-shock watches expensive?

Because of the functions they have. For example G-shockGPW-1000-4AER have gps, solar battery, world time, calendar, alarmand many other functions that cost money.

Are womens fossil watches expensive?

Women fossil watches can be expensive. The price can range from $50.oo to $250.00 U.S. The median range of these watches is around $115.00. it should be based on your budget and what your willing to spend as to how expensive these watches are. wetherer your looking for a "time piece" or a "time piece with flare", these watches do hold their value.

Is the synrgy watch by quartz expensive?

Quartz is not the brand name, it's uses the quartz to keep time accurately. I have the same watch I think that you do

How expensive are Fortis watches?

"Fortis watches can range in pricing based on materials used, if they are limited editions, and if you are buying new or used. New Fortis watches start at around $1,850 to as much as $12,500."

How expensive is a Juicy Couture watch?

A Juicy Couture watch can be very expensive. Prices start at around $250 for a low end watch and can get as high as $1000 or more. The best time to buy these watches is when they go on sale or look for them on eBay.

How much is quartz watch worth?

Quartz isn`t very expensive......... so probabubly not very much. At most i would say 10 dollars.

How does a quartz watch works?

Quartz has the property of being piezo electric. It can bend with electricity or produce electricity by bending. Cutting a quartz crytal to precise dimensions will allow it it resonate when stimulated. Electronics in the watch use the crystal in an oscillator circuit to produce a frequency, typically 32,768Hz. This can be divided down using electronic counters, to give one pulse every second. In an analogue watch, this one pulse is applied to a stepper motor which moves the second hand, one second. Gears from the second hand drive the minute and hour hands like a conventional watch. Digital watches use an LED or LCD display, driven by counter circuits that advance one second at a time.

Why are Omega Watches so expensive?

Omega watches have the finest movements and are apparently a great indicator of social and economical status within society. They are ranked right up there with Rolex as a leading brand.

Why are Breitling watches so expensive?

One reason why Breitling watches are so expensive is because they use the latest technology which makes it very complex. Another reason is because they use expensive materials to make the watches.

How expensive are Breguet watches?

Breguet watches can run anywhere from $5000USD all the way up to well over $50,000USD. Depending on the age, wear, and history of the watch, they may not be a 'top price' as a collector may pay whatever the asking price of a certain watch is.

Where can one find Geneva Watches online?

Geneva Watches are widely available online. They can be purchased from many retail websites including Amazon, Overstock, Meijer, and Target. Geneva Watches can also be purchased directly from the Geneva Watches website.

Why are Bvlgari watches so expensive?

These world class top notch watches are worth the price even though it seems to be expensive as the parts used are genuine and they neither compromise quality nor customer satisfaction.

Where are quartz watches sold?

It has been found that quartz watches are widely available. These can be purchased in the jewellery department of better department stores such as Sears, The Bay, Macy's and Nordstrom. One can also find quartz watches at fine jewellery stores as well as on sites such as Amazon, Overstock and eBay.

What does it means a quartz watch?

It is a watch that uses an oscillator based on a quartz crystal toelectronically keep time. Older watches used gears and an escapemechanism to govern the speed. In a quartz watch, a precision cutpiece of quartz is used in part of a circuit to generate a specificfrequency. A quartz clock works similarly, but the quartzoscillator is used to control the speed of a motor.

How expensive are Giorgio Armani watches?

Giorgio Armani watches are a little bit on the expensive side. Their prices ranges from $340 - $595. If you would like more information about their prices, check out their official website.

Why are Oceanus watches so expensive?

Oceanus watches are so expensive because of the materials used in manufacturing. these materials may include Sapphire Crystal and some Diamond like coating. These materials are very durable.

Where can one purchase a quartz watch?

One can purchase a quartz watch in a variety of jewelry stores. One can visit Macy's, Dillard's as well as Shane Co. All of which have an outstanding jewelry department,

How expensive are Bling watches?

Bling watches come from a variety of brands and the prices of them will range usually based on designer. The lower priced watches can be about twenty dollars while more expensive watches can be over three hundred dollars.