Is Giovanni ribisi in series 2 of friends episode where Phoebe is busking outside central Perk because Chrissie Hynde has taken her slot at Central Perk?

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Yes that is Giovanni Ribisi. Phoebe is playing outside Central Perk with her case open, collecting tips. Ribisi comes and digs in the case because he dropped a condom in there. This is plausible because they have not yet met as brother and sister. Since Phoebe has seen so many people in her life, likely she does not remember meeting him.
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Where is the location of the Friends cafe central perk?

The TV show is entitled: "Friends" Central Perk is in Manhattan, New York. It is, however, fictitious and is not a real coffee shop.\n. \n \n. \nThis is the link to the

Location of central perk?

well central park is in the northern manhatten, Central Perk , the coffee shop made famous in the NBC sitcom Friends, is, if real, in Greenwhich Village, because that's whe

Who is the boss at Central Perk?

Gunther is the manager of Central Perk and Rachel's and Joey's boss while they work there.

Is central perk a real cafe?

It's not! :( In the show Friends, Central Perk is a cafe in New York. However, it does not actually exist in New York. To visit you'd have to go to Burbank, California and