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Is Kate Gosselin estranged from her siblings?

There is no current information on the current state of Kate Gosselin's relationship with her siblings. However, based on the testimony that Kevin Kreider (her younger brother (MORE)

Why is kate gosselin estranged from her siblings?

It supposedly all started when her church donated some baby stuff for the kids and she rejected it. She said she wanted all new, matching furniture and what they got were sec (MORE)

Are Jon and Kates siblings involved with them?

One Wikianswerers opinion I think Jon still keeps in contact with his siblings, but for various reasons they do not want to apper on the show. Kate did keep in contact with K (MORE)

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Where do Kate Gosselin's siblings live?

Kates sister Kendra lives in Reinholds, Pennsylvania; Christen lives in Monclova Ohio; Clairissa lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania and Kevin still is in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvani (MORE)

Why is it that in any of the previous seasons Kate never spoke about the paparizzi but now in season 5 she does?

Public Relations, promotion and money. The paparazzi have to sell their photographs to magazines and news outlets. They take pictures of whatever will sell. And the scandal o (MORE)

Is Kate now Princess Kate?

No, since Kate is not from an aristocratic family she would be referred to as HRH Prince William of Wales like Princess Michale of Kent is now but not wanting to be refereed a (MORE)