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Is NOT true about hot spots they are found within tectonic plates they caused the formation of Hawaii and Yellowstone they support the idea that plates move over Earth's surface they are associate?

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What causes the Earth's tectonic or lithospheric plates to move?

A brief summary of this long answer can be found by viewing the related question. For more information please read on! This is a complex question and is a subject of continu

How do earth's tectonic plates move?

Earth's plates are constantly in motion because of convection currents in the mantle. How this energy translates to individual plates is still not understood. (see the relat

What causes the moving of the tectonic plates under the earth's crust?

As a result of subduction, the continental crust becomes more compressed and warped by the huge pressures between these two plates. The stressed causes the rock to deform or c

How does plate tectonics affect earth's surface?

Plate tectonics affect the Earth's surface in many ways. It forms  either mid-oceanic ridges or rift valleys. It also forms  compressional boundaries, and it causes volcanoe

What do Earth's tectonic plates move on?

The plates (continental and ocean plates) ride atop the asthenosphere, a layer of viscous rock in the upper mantle beneath the crust.

What causes tectonic plates to move slowly over time?

Various amounts of the pull of the sun, the pull of the moon, the shifting of earths outer core, the forces created by earths rotation on it's axis, and the movement of the oc

Why do the Earth's tectonic plates move?

It is still not completely clear how heat rising by convection in the mantle influences the drift of continents and the formation of new crustal plates. But generally the moti