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Is Queen Elizabeth ii has Jewish dynasty?

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If Queen Elizabeth I was a virgin queen then how is there a Queen Elizabeth II?

Monarchs choose which of their names they wish to be known by, not by family or dynasty. The present Queen of the United Kingdom is Elizabeth II because she is the second pers

Who is Queen Elizabeth II Scotland?

Answer Scotland is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch is in effect Queen of Scotland alth

Is Queen Elizabeth II leader?

  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a Constitutional Monarchy, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. This means that all action

Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II?

Elizabeth II's mother was the queen consort (wife) of George VI.  She was also called Elizabeth. Before her marriage, she was known  as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. When her h

Why is Queen Elizabeth II queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is queen because the Act of Settlement (1701) provides that since the death of Queen Anne and William III, the senior descendant of the Electress Sophia of

What dynasty was Queen Elizabeth I from?

Britain does not have any 'dynasties', but the British version of it, are called 'Houses' which is the Family of the ruling Monarch. The current Monarch's family is called 'Ho

What motivates Queen Elizabeth II?

Her inmense sense of duty and love for the work she does. She comes from a background that taught her she was to become queen because of God's will, so she must think she is t

What is Queen Elizabeth II?

Either the current Sovereign Queen of the United Kingdom- who will celebrate her birthday on the 2lst of April. tomorrow as I type this, or the Cunard ocean liner- popularioly