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Is Randhawa a jatt caste?

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Is Shoker a Jatt caste?

yes, it is a Jatt caste, but these Jatts were not able to get land holdings.

Is bhaur or kainth caste of jatt?

Yes mostly Kainth's belong to Jatt clan. But some other classes have also adopted this surname as they use to work under kainths during a century ago. I am not sure about bh

Is Chauhan is jatt Sikh caste?

Even i m confused with this some say that chauhan are Jatts but some say they are Rajputs , So can some one give us the correct answer what are we ..........? No my dear Chauh

Is gurm is a jatt caste?

yes gurm are jatts. they had kingdom close to kanpur utter pardesh india. still couple of gurm jat sikh families living there
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Is raina a jatt Sikh caste?

raina is a caste originated from raince . raince is a kashmiri jatt caste. people living in punjab with this caste are also jatts . their original village is rainawal in weste