Is Speaker of House Secret Service Protection same as President's or Vice President's?

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What is the Vice President's role in the US Senate?

The Vice President's role in the US Senate is to be the offical tie breaker if a tie on the floor shall occur. He is also referred to as the President of the Senate. Al Gore was the last vice president to break a tie on the Senate floor.(S.Menzel) . luke dylan mayes

How long is the US vice president's term?

The same as the President's. If the current President dies, the Vice President completes his term as the President. A Vice President-elect normally assumes office shortly before the new President (noon on January 20 following the election). Under the 25th Amendment, a new vice president is nominate (MORE)

What is a Vice President's constitutional responsibility?

The vice-president has two responsibilities. 1) The vice-president shall replace the president in cases where he is not able to execute the duties of the office due to illness, resignation or death. 2) He shall vote to break any ties in the Senate. Since its conception, the role of casting a tie (MORE)

Is The President's Book of Secrets real?

Yes, i read the whole book. Understand Young George Bush has finished the first 3 chapters.. Its a long story to share here. Call me and I will go into more detail.. Jimmy Carter. -------------------------------------------------. Ok...I hate when people are rude like this. But anyways...let me (MORE)

What is the Vice president's main job?

The main duty or job for the president of the United States is to be President of the senate. His main reason for office is to take over as president if the presidency becomes vacant.

Where is the vice president's official residence is located?

\nThe Vice President's Residence was built as the home of the Superintendent of the Naval Observatory in 1893. The house became the home of the chief of naval operations in 1923. Congress turned the home into the Vice President's Residence in 1974.\n. \na white, brick-walled, Victorian-style home w (MORE)

Is there such thing as the President's secret book?

The president's book exists, it has been passed on from president to president for centuries to come. The book is being kept in a secret compartment which only the president knows, after the new president is chosen, there are to be a special meeting between the president in charge and the president (MORE)

Who was President's Johnson's vice presidents?

The answer depends on whether you are referring to Andrew Johnson or Lyndon Johnson. The 17th President of the United States was Andrew Johnson - who assumed the presidency upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He served out the rest of his term without a vice president. The 36th Presiden (MORE)

What president's Secret Service nickname was Rawhide?

Ronald Reagon Rawhide was the 'not so secret' code name for Ronald Ragan.. Here is a list; including the current presidents code name, which you might find useful:. Renegade: Barack Obama, President-elect . Renaissance: Michelle Obama, president-elect's wife . Radiance: Malia Obama, president-el (MORE)

Where was the first vice president's official residence?

The first VP (John Adams) had a variety of residences. There was no official place for him (or George Washington, for that matter) so he rented a variety of places during his 8-year term. When his wife Abigail was present, they rented homes; when alone, he often lived in rented rooms. For details, r (MORE)

What is on page 47 of the president's book of secrets?

Answer 1: In the movie "National Treasure: Book of Secrets", the referred to page 47, but never said what was on it. They may reveal that in a future sequel. A person close to the movie, Jon Turteltaub, joked, "I'll tell you, what is on page 47 is I think the single greatest secret in America tod (MORE)

Which president's vice president died?

The seven U.S. Vice Presidents who died in office served under thefollowing Presidents: . James Madison (2) . Franklin Pierce . Ulysses S. Grant . Grover Cleveland . William McKinley . William Howard Taft No U.S. Vice President has died in office during the past 100years.

Where is the US vice president's official residence?

The official residence of the Vice President of the US is called "Number One Observatory Circle" and is located on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory, located on Massachusetts Ave NW, in Washington DC. The house was originally the home of the observatory superintendent, and from 1923 to 1974 (MORE)

What state is The President's White House in?

The White House is located in Washington, District of Columbia. This is a special administrative territory, and it not part of any state. Washington DC is located between the states of Virginia and Maryland.

What is vice president's duty?

The vice president would become the president if the president wereto die, be removed from office, or resign. The vice president isalso president of the US Senate.

Is the vice president a member of the president's cabinet?

YES. " The Cabinet includes the Vice President and theheads of 15 executive departments - the Secretaries of Agriculture,Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services,Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor,State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans A (MORE)

Why is the president's house called the White House?

The President's house has natural stone walls that are off-white in color and that is the way it was until it was gutted by a fire set by British troops in 1814. The fire blackened the stone walls, so when it restored, they painted the walls white. The painted walls were noticeably whiter than the (MORE)

What was the color of the first president's house?

Well really and truely the very first presidents house wasn't the white house, I know this may sound crazy but the white house was in the process of being made so he never lived in there to be honest with you.

Can the president raise a vice president's salary?

No. The salary of the vice president is set by the 1989 Government Salary Reform Act. The President may not unilaterally change it, though he could theoretically lobby for Congress to amend that act.

Why does the secret service discourage the president's use of public transportation?

It is incredibly hard to make sure that public transportation is secure, especially if the President decides that he wants to do use the subway or some other type of public transportation on short notice. The job of the secret service detail assigned to the President is to insure that he remains saf (MORE)

Can a president's mom live in the White House?

Certainly. The White House is the president's home and he can share it with anybody he likes, including his mother and grown children and their families. It is also large enough to accommodate a large group.

Is the vice president in the president's cabinet?

From a technical, legal standpoint, no . The Vice President is not a member of the Cabinet. However, most Cabinet meetings are attended by the V.P. if available, and the V.P. will stand-in for the President in any Cabinet meeting where the President is unavailable.

Who was the 13th president's vice president?

Millard Fillmore was the 13th President. He had been the vice-president until he became President upon the death of President Zachary Taylor. He did not have a vice-president , since in those days a vacancy in the vice-presidency was left open until the next presidential election.