Is Speaker of House Secret Service Protection same as President's or Vice President's?

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What president's Secret Service nickname was Rawhide?

Ronald Reagon Rawhide was the 'not so secret' code name for Ronald Ragan.. Here is a list; including the current presidents code name, which you might find useful:. Renegade

How long does secret service protection for former president's families last?

President Clinton is the last president to have lifetime protectionfrom the secret service. Every president after him will only havesecret service protection to 10 years. In

Why are the vice president's qualifications the same as the president?

This is because the main role of the vice-president is to be able to take over as President if necessary. A person not qualified to be President would not be able to become pr

Why are the vice president's qualifications the same as the president's?

The vice president becomes president if the president is incapacitated, so he needs to have all the qualifications of a president, just in case.

Do the vice president's pets stay in the White House?

Certainly not as a rule- the VP has his own house where he can keep any pets he brings to Washington.