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Is Victoria Waldrip black?

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Is Victoria Beckham part black?

She cannot be 100% white and be so brown. You have to have African heritage to produce any shade of brown from the very light to the darkest brown/black means that African anc

Did Queen Victoria were black?

yes she did. After the death of her husband Prince Albert she wore black almost exclusively. If she were going to a special occasion like a wedding she might add another color

When were the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria?

"Black Saturday" marked the start of massive bushfires in Victoria, Australia, which eventually killed 173. The fires began on 7 February 2009, and continued for almost five w

What coin is black with Queen Victoria on it?

Any Queen Victoria vintage coin that has turned black is made from either copper or bronze.   These could include a Penny, Halfpenny, Farthing, Half-Farthing, Third-Fart

Victoria Beckham does she have black race in her?

No matter what she may want to be catergorized as she has some strong melanin going on and it ain't from being English and German! She's either ashamed or does not know her tr

Is Victoria Beckham black?

No, she is white