What is a District Court?

It describes a court whose jurisdcition covers a legislatively established 'judicial district' usually (in the case of state courts) one or more counties in size - or (in the (MORE)

What do district courts do?

U.S. district courts are the starting point for federal cases.Municipal courts handle city violations and issues such as parkingtickets. State courts handle both civil and cri (MORE)

What court is above the US District Courts?

US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts In the US federal court system, the US District Courts have original (trial) jurisdiction over most cases. The US Court of Appeals Circui (MORE)

What court is similar to district courts?

It depends on what "district" courts you are referring to. Federal or State? There are no comparable courts within the federal system. State courts are structured along the sa (MORE)

Are there district courts in the federal court system?

Yes. There are 13 "circuits." Eleven regional circuits covering the states; the District of Columbia Circuit covering Washington, D.C. ; and one Federal Circuit. There are 94 (MORE)

How does a district court differ from the circuit court?

In the Federal Court system, the District Court is the trial court exercising original jurisdiction, while the circuit court, or more accurately, the Circuit Court of Appeals, (MORE)

What is a court trail?

No such thing... If the question is, "What is a court trial?" the answer could be a trial by judge, without a jury, where the judge is both the trier of fact and renders judgm (MORE)