Is a piece of florenza jewelry worth anything?

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Is a twenty pence piece worth anything when its only dated on the back?

As with most 20p coins since their introduction in 1982 the date is on the back (the opposite side to the Queen's head) and such coins can be valued at exactly 20p.. From the

Is Monet jewelry worth anything?

Found old jewelry that belongs to my Aunt. There was a label thatsays Monet 4061 Colette. Does this mean anything and type ofjewelry is it.

Is gold plated jewelry worth anything?

It depends on the volume of the gold that is plated on the jewelry, but when an item is electro plated, the plating material is usually very thin - less than 0.01mm - so there

Is old costume jewelry worth anything?

Yes very much so especially the pins with the big chunky crystals or gems in them. There was some very good costume jewelry made from the 20's through 70's that isn't like the

Is a piece of paper with Gates Brown's autograph on it worth anything?

It really depends on what typ of paper product the autograph is on. Typically cardboard style paper products fetch more green back. Glossy style paper also does pretty good in
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Is gold overlay jewelry worth anything?

It depends on the quality of the jewelry to some extent, but as little gold-plated jewelry is of high craftsmanship it mostly depends on the amount of gold used in the overlay
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Is a piece that is stamped 24 karat gold plate worth anything?

yes, there are various merchants that will reach deep into their wallets to acquire such artefacts. Often found in antique stores pure silver, copper and bronze coins are not