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What actions do you believe should be taken to address the global warming issues?

There are three primary sources of CO2 gas emissions which should be curtailed. First and foremost is the burning of coal and oil for energy. Instead of building coal fired po

What action should be taken by the government address environmental problems?

Environmental problems are OURS, not the government. We must all do our bit. Recycle, and perhaps cycle. return the packaging to the shop or manufacturer (some countries alrea

Who believed in limited government action to address the great depression?

hoover and US Treasury (Hoover adopted many of the same policies Roosevelt did, but they did have a number of points of disagreement.) Wendell Willikie was the Republican pr

How can you address a problem or issue in our community through civic actions?

Finding out the problem and issues is crucial aspects to get solved it out, it is because in such stage we reached to solve more than fifty percent job that we have to done. N