Is ambulance free in nsw for qld resident?

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How do you adopt a dog from NSW and get it to QLD?

You have two options if you wish to adopt a pet from NSW. First youwill go to the following link: When youscroll the the bottom of this particular page

Are slingshots legal in qld or nsw?

I know for a fact that slingshots are readily available for purchase, no license needed, from my local camping goods store in NSW, but I believe you have to be 18 years or old
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What is an ambulance?

An ambulance is an emergency vehicle used to transport sick orinjured people to hospital.
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How can YOU be a resident for free?

To be a resident for free, see if you can talk to the landlord about staying for free for a bit. If he says no, see about staying with a family member for free until you get o