Can you get an iPhone on pay as you go?

NO ! Apple requires users to have a two year contract with AT&T. Not sure if you can unlock and use it on TMobile pay as you go but with AT&T, you can not ! yes on google it (MORE)

Is the iPhone 3g available on Pay as you go?

At the time of writing... UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND The iPhone 3G is available in Black 8GB on Pay&Go for O2, Orange and Vodafone for around £ (MORE)

Can you take number from pay as you go to contract?

Sometimes you can. You will need to check your contract to see if the new carrier will let you move the numbers. You also will need to check the terms issued by the pay-as-you (MORE)

Do you pay for internet on the iPhone if you are pay as you go?

If you have WiFi, which you have logged into (via Settings>WiFi), then you don't have to pay. But if you don't have WiFi/Broadband and are surfing the internet using a 3G sign (MORE)

What shall i get blackberry pay as you go or contract?

It depends on what service you would like to go with if you get a contract. Sprint is 69.99 unlimited everything for a BB. thats the cheapest contract you could go with. Where (MORE)
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What is pay as you go contract free phone?

Pay as you go is where you buy a top up voucher in a shop (usually £5 or £10) and every time you make a call or send a text, the money is taken off until you have no mon (MORE)