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Do minors or their parents have to pay child support for their children?

Child support is paid by the parents. It is a court awarded decision where one parent contributes a stipulated amount of money to keep the minor(s) in the life style to which (MORE)

You feel like that your parents pay more attention to your big brother than you?

This is a question that is on the minds of many youngsters that have older siblings. Well here's the answer... it's that they love your brother more than you but you CAN do so (MORE)

Did the government in Italy really pay parents who have more children?

Not just in Italy. It also a policy that needs to be instituted in the US for middle income women, for the same reasons the policy was established in Europe. In Europe, midd (MORE)

Can adult children be responsible for burial or paying debt of a deceased parent if said parent abandoned them as a young child and there has been no contact for more than 20 years?

Children are never responsible for their parents debt, unless they co-signed for the debt. Those bills are the responsibility of the estate. The executor will pay them or info (MORE)

Who pays child support if parents share custody of children?

Parents often have joint custody with one parent having physical custody. Generally, the parent with physical custody receives child support from the non-physical-custody pare (MORE)