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Is chlorine help to digest food?

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How does microorganism helps in digestion of food?

Microorganisms break down our food for us. In our stomach, yes acid does it's part, but acid can only eat the outside in and also can not travel through the rest of the digest (MORE)

The Best and Worst Foods to Aid Digestion

Food has an effect on the body that lasts much longer than the time it takes to consume it. The body goes through a complex process of digestion to glean nutrients from the fo (MORE)
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Understanding the Myth of Baby Carrots and Chlorine

Myths and other urban legends cover a wide amount of topics. The food we eat is no exception from these stories. Baby carrots and the use of chlorine is a myth that has been a (MORE)

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How does chewing food help digestion?

Chewing food helps digestion because it breaks down foods so the stomach doesn't have to do so much work. Saliva helps it to be liquefied and adds enzymes that begin digestion (MORE)

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What foods can help with digestion?

  Answer   There are several foods that contain substances called prebiotics and probiotics. In essence, they are good bacteria that helps maintain gut health. For ex (MORE)

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What help us digest the food in our stomach?

Renin, pepsin and hydrochloric acid (HCl) are substances responsible for the breakdown of food particles in the stomach. These substances are contained in the gastric juice, w (MORE)

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How does the pancreas help digest your food?

The pancreas secretes bile, a digestive enzyme, into the intestines. Food is broken up and nutrients carried out into the the blood. The pancreas secretes enzymes that includ (MORE)

Foods Babies Can Eat When They Turn 1

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is 6 months prior to starting him on any type of solid foods to ensure that his digestive system is ready (MORE)

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