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What is the name of the chemicals that helps us digest food?

the chemicals that help us digest food are called enzymes. They are bio-chemicals or bio-catalysts which help in breaking down complex food molecules into simple sugars and am (MORE)

How does the pancreas help digest your food?

The pancreas secretes bile, a digestive enzyme, into the intestines. Food is broken up and nutrients carried out into the the blood. The pancreas secretes enzymes that inclu (MORE)

How does microorganism helps in digestion of food?

Microorganisms break down our food for us. In our stomach, yes acid does it's part, but acid can only eat the outside in and also can not travel through the rest of the digest (MORE)

How does saliva help digest food?

Saliva has enzymes in it that help chemically break down food, plus it softens it.
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What foods can help with digestion?

  Answer   There are several foods that contain substances called prebiotics and probiotics. In essence, they are good bacteria that helps maintain gut health. For ex (MORE)

What bacteria lives in your gut to help digest food?

its called E.coli..they live inside the guts of the animals and help them to digest food.
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What catalyst helps digest our food?

There are many different ones: amylases digest starches, proteases  digest proteins, lipases digest fats, etc. in each of the main  categories there are many different enzym (MORE)