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Is dish better than direct tv or the other way around?

Charter HD vs DIRECTV HD . Let's face it, the reason you've made the big investment in a HDTV is to enjoy HD programming. Why would you accept less HD Programming from Char (MORE)
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Is DISH satellite better than direct tv?

Dish Network has 295+ channels in its network, while Direct TV has 265+ channels. Regarding international channels, Dish Network features 19 different languages including Po (MORE)

What is better direct tv or dish network?

Both offer a range of packages that include combinations of channels, with or without HD services and at a range of prices. To find out the current deals, spend a few minutes (MORE)

Who is better direct tv or dish network?

you can never compare both satellite tv provider without stuff to compare. i think these should answer your question IF you're into low price - go with dish network more H (MORE)
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Is dish or direct tv better?

honestly dish network because of there new box hopper that you can record one more show at once over direct tv.but thre choice is on you they are basiclly same companys and ar (MORE)