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Is electric charge a property of just electricity or is charge a property of all atoms?

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Why does an atom have no overall electrical charge?

Because an atom has the same number of protons and electrons which both have equal but opposite charges (electron relative charge= -1, proton relative charge= +1, neutron rela

What is the electric charge on all atoms?

All neutral atoms have no overall electric charge. In a neutral atom, the number of electrons equals the number of protons, and the charge balance means that there is no overa

What are the basic properties of electric charges?

The basic property of electric charges is that there are positive and negative charges created by positive and negative ions, which are atoms that have either lost or gained e

Do all atoms have an electric charge?

All atoms have a net zero charge because all atoms have protons (+ charge), neutrons(neutral no charge) and electrons(- charge). But when we put atoms into a solution it bec

Static in static electricity describes what property of the charge?

The "static" in static electricity describes that the charge is unmoving, or staying in one place. A movement of electrons is not occuring, however there is an electrical char

The name of electrical charge of all atoms?

As a blanket statement all atoms are electrically neutral if you add up their protons and electrons they should equal, when they dont that is a ion. a positively charged atom
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Is atom neutral or electrically charged?

An atom is neutrally charged particle. This is because an atom contains equal number of protons[+ve] and electrons[-ve] which balance out to give a nuetal charged.Charged atom
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Why doesnt An atom has no electrical charge?

because the number of protons (which have a positive charge of +1) and the number of electrons (which have a negative charge of -1) are the same. when number of protons = numb