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Is emmott from switched at birth really deaf?

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Does sound really exist if you are deaf?

  Interesting question....     If your brain is unable to receive and process sound waves, then I suppose sound doesn't exist to you, but that certainly doesn't mea

Is there really a deaf police officer?

Yes , there are several. Each one is an above average officer. They have to be .   There are many opportunities for deaf people willing to work hard to compensate and overc
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Who was emmott syddall?

syddall was a girl who lived in the village of eyam during the plague. all her family died of the plague along with herself and she had a sweetheart called rowland torre who d
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Is Alexia Rasmussen really deaf?

I really need to know is she really deaf? Please answer me Thanks & Regards Muhammad Waqas +923453153848 misterwaqas_shaikh@hotmail.com