Is emmott from switched at birth really deaf?

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Does sound really exist if you are deaf?

Interesting question....\n. \nIf your brain is unable to receive and process sound waves, then I suppose sound doesn't exist to you, but that certainly doesn't mean that soun

Is there really a deaf police officer?

Yes , there are several. Each one is an above average officer. They have to be .. There are many opportunities for deaf people willing to work hard to compensate and overcome

Is Emmetton switched at birth really deaf?

Yes he is really deaf. and Daphne (the blonde/red hair one) she is hard of hearing. and yes emmett can talk in real life but in the show idk why he doesn't :)
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Is Alexia Rasmussen really deaf?

I really need to know is she really deaf? Please answer me Thanks & Regards Muhammad Waqas +923453153848