Is feeling nauseous right after eating a sign of pregnancy?

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I have this same feeling. My Doctor decided that I should go in for a fasting blood sugar test. And the test came back positive that I was in a pre-diabetic stage. I am not overweight by any means, but for me I noticed that every time I ate proccessed carbs, or sugary things ( even orange juice or fruit) I got nauseous. They explained that this was because of the variation in my blood sugar as it rose and fell quickly.
Mornings are usually the worst for me especially if I had dessert the night before, I have had to be very careful. Thanksgiving was pretty awful for me too.
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when u buy canned peaches at the store they come in a syrup, buy the ones with heavy syrup and drink a few spoon fuls of it. the syrup really helps coat and sooth the stomach