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Why are snakes frightening?

  People who are afraid of snakes may be afraid because snakes do not blink and their eyes stay open all the time. Also because of how they slither and move around. But on

What are werewolves frightened of?

Seeing as werewolves are usually in human form they can be frightened of anything that a human could be frightened of. Though they are usually frightened of their change, as i

What do horse do if they are frightened?

Horses have a 'flight or fight' defense mechanism in their brains. They will either face a situation, or they will run away. most horses choose to run, rather than face their

What frighten you?

Some common fears are fear of pain, embarrassment, suffering of others, and uncertainty. That's just about it.

What cattle do when frightened?

They run the other way, if they got enough room to do so, bunching up in a group as they do so. But when cornered, they have four choices: go up and over the fence, go under a
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Is frighten an adjective?

No, frighten is a verb. The participle forms, frightening and frightened, can be used as adjectives. Examples: a frightening movie, the frightened child.
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Is frightened of an adjective?

The word frightened is an adjective, but "of" is a preposition.    In the construction "there is nothing to be frightened of" the  object of the preposition is nothing