Is it appropriate for a 12 year old girl to kiss a 12 year old boy?

It may be appropriate if the intention is not wrong or bad. ( I think it is fun to watch little kids kiss) but if you think you should just go for it. and you might want t (MORE)

Is it legal for a ten year old girl to share a bedroom with her twelve year old brother?

why wouldn't that be legal? you are family and you have to do what you have to do. i had that situation with my brother all the way from when i was born, and i am 14 now, so i (MORE)

Is it agaainst the law for your 16 year old daughter your 12 year old daughter and your 10 year old son to share the bedroom?

It is not against the law, but i would say to take the 10 year old boy out of the room. Two girls and one boy in a room doesn't sound good even if theya re related. And if you (MORE)
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How do you arrange a 12 year old girls bedroom?

well... it all depends on the colors she likes, try to do something a little more grown up. Try and pick two colors and work with them, try and hide all her books and stuff in (MORE)