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What do you do with a cheating husband?

Pull his lower lip over his head so he can't see! Seriously, if he's cheating he probably won't stop and even if he does it will be very hard to ever trust him again. I'd kic (MORE)

What do you do after your husband cheats?

if you really really love him..forgive him...if you know you really want to spend the rest of your life with him and you kno he wont cheat on you..maybe you should give him an (MORE)

What do you do if you cheat on your husband?

First thing is NOT to tell him,(IF YOU LOVE HIM)... Start living your life the right way, and let your husband be the center of your relationship... if you can't do that then (MORE)

Can you get your husband to cheat on you?

Yes. Stop cooking, cleaning, don't keep yourself good looking, always nag, and be mean. And dont allow him to touch you ANSWER: You don't have to do the things that your (MORE)

Why did you cheat on your husband?

Theres only a few reasons why women cheat. Number 1. Their spouses got to comfortable and dont believe in trying to please the woman that they already have, therefore women go (MORE)
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What will you do if your husband cheats?

If your husband cheated on you, you'd either give him another chance for your marriage, or break up with him.If your husband cheats you will have to decide if the marriage isw (MORE)