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Is it cold in December in Argentina?

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Is Argentina hot or cold?

it's very variated, similar to USA, but inverted. Subtropical in the north, temperate in the center, and cold in the south and in the Andes.

Is Argentina a hot or cold place?

              cold   Well the range in temperature is very big. So it can be very cold in winter (lowest ever temperature recorded was -40 degre

If it is December in Argentina what season is it?

South of the equator the seasons are reversed; so, essentially, add 6 months on to December, and that would give you June, which is what the it would be like in Argentina.  K

What did Argentina do during the Cold War?

                                  After   analyzing the effect the Cold War had on Argentina, I can come

Why is it cold in December?

Well in other places such as were I come from, Australia, its not cold. In fact, its boiling hot! See the way the earth tilts causes the weather. If the Earth's northern hemis

Is it cold during the winter in Argentina?

Argentina has varied climates, from subtropical in the north, to subpolar in the south. The Argentinean Patagonia has very cold winters with heavy snowfall. The hottest and