Is it legal to buy life insurance on family member without their knowledge?

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Usually, the life insurance company requires that the insured person provide information regarding their health, such as answering health-related questions on the application, take a physical exam, and sign the application for life insurance coverage. Because of these requirements, it would be difficult to take out a life insurance policy without the insured person being advised on the policy. However, some life insurance companies may offer simplified issue life insurance; such as, Globe Life for adults or children, Gerber, Colonial Penn, Garden State Life, etc. In this case you may have a parent buy a life insurance policy for their child, or an adult buy a life insurance policy for their spouse either online, over the phone, or through the mail. However, these policies still may require a signature from the person whose life is being insured. So, that being the case, it would seem possible, and legal, if life insurance companies who offer simplified life insurance policies are already doing it, in a way. I am not certain about the signature from the insured person. You should inform the person you are taking out a life insurance policy on.
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How can you find out if a member of your family has taken out a life insurance policy on a now deceased family member before they passed away without their knowledge or by having them sign said papers?

Answer . As far as I know, the Named Insured on a Life Policy must at least sign the application in order for it to be issued. Did the deceased know about this Life Policy.

How do you find out if a family member had life insurance?

Look at all the bank statements and see if they paid for the policy regularly out of an account. Talk to freinds and see if they recommended an agent. Friends usually use the

How can you purchase a life insurance policy for a family member?

contact an insurance agency, get the person to agree that it is okay for you to insure them, pay the money and have insurance. Answer . There is no separate proc

When adult children refuse to buy life insurance can their parents purchase it for them without the childrens knowledge?

Life Insurance cannot be purchased on someone that is not aware. They do have to sign paperwork and the beneficiary must have a insurable interest. This prevents anyone from t

Can you take out a life insurance policy on someone without their knowledge?

The only way that you can take out life insurance without someone knowledge is if they are a minor and you are the parent. Any other way the person (Insured) must sign the app

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If you suspect a deceased family member had any life insurance, but you cannot find a policy, there are several things you can do to find policies. If the deceased had a polic

Can a life insurance drop you without your knowledge?

State laws regulate the policies of all insurance companies. The law would stipulate how notice is given but it is also in the policy. Individual life insurance policies canno

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You can certainly apply for an insurance policy; whether the insurance company will choose to accept your application is up to them. A family member in prison is not supportin

Is it legal to take life insurance out on someone without their knowledge?

It is not possible to take out insurance on a person with their knowledge. The insured must answer all underwriting questions and sign the application as well. The only case w

How do you find out if sibling and executor cashed in a military life insurance policy upon father's death without notifying other family members?

No one is an executor until they have been appointed by a court. Until the court appointment they have no legal authority to collect any assets owned by the decedent. The exec

Is it legal to turn off someone else's car insurance without their knowledge?

There's probably more that you are not telling us in this question. If it's your car insurance, then no, the insurance company will send you a cancellation notice before cance