Is it legal to put a 1 month expiration date on a car was that you pay for?

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What can you do if you bought a car and got the title but lost it before you put car in your name and the previous owner will not get a second title and the tags are expiring this month.?

Answer . Go to your state vehicle licensing department and pick up a lost title form. Fill out the information and have the previous owner sign it. If they refuse, sue to

Can you register a car before the expiration date?

Answer . If your talking about the expiration of the current registration then yes. It should state on your renewal paper that if you register on time, an amount, if by ma

Do coupons have an expiration date in a legal sense?

Answer . It doesn't have a experation date because it's just a peice of paper.. All coupons have expiration dates on them, but that is for bookkeepping and accounting reas

Is liquid amoxicillin still good 1 month after expiration date?

One month after it's expiration date means that the drug no longer is as strong as it was before. It slowly degrades over time and once approximately 20% has degraded it is co

What do you have to do legally when paying cash for a car from individual?

write a bill of sale!!, include the VIN, the car make and model, year, color, cash value of sale, mileage, address of yours, his, names, and signatures and dates involved, and

Is it legal to put nitro on a car?

yes it is legal,even if you get pulled over or have your car inspected you cant be charged or fined for having a nitros system installed in your car you are not using it it wo