Is it legal to watch porn on campus?

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Of course it's legal, it's just generally against the rules. They cannot punish you for doing so, all they could do is ban you from using their Wi-Fi. Now saying that, if you are not referring to using college campus Wi-Fi to view porn and just to view it on campus, no that's not illegal either it's just frowned upon.
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Is watch-movies legal?

No, that is why the government keeps shutting them down and they keep changing the URL.

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Is it legal to watch twilight on the internet?

yes but it is illegal to put it on the internet unless you have permission to. It just depends what website it's on

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Is it legal to watch south park online?

Completely! is the show's website and has a list of every episode that has aired. However if you watch it from somewhere else then it is illegal.

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