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If a male rubs his penis near your vagina but does not ejaculate and you wash your vagina soon is it possible to become pregnant?

You can become pregnant from what is commonly know has pre-cum. If a male is erect the body cleans the urethra with a fluid in preparation for the semen. This liquid contains (MORE)
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If a male ejaculates three times in a row does the third ejaculate have semen and can you get pregnant from that?

Does the third cum have semen . Anytrime a male ejaculates, the fluid itself is called semen and, yes, each time there will be sperm. Also, if he ejaculated the second time (MORE)
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Is it possible to become pregnant by pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Sperm is sperm, no matter when it comes out. Precum is What is known as "cowper's fluid" and this is a mucous material this made without sperm, However it is not unhear (MORE)

If the hymen is not broken and the male ejaculated on his hands what is the possiblity of the female becoming pregnant if the male put his hands on her vagina?

The pregnancy depends on several factors. Firstly, how much of the semen was placed on the vagina. Secondly, did this occur during her "fertile period". Thirdly, how healthy t (MORE)
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How possible is it to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

I don't know the statistics of getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate, but it is entirely possible. It only takes one sperm cell entering the egg to make a woman pregnant. Usuall (MORE)