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Is it possible to double coverage for cargo insurance If a loss then get the 2 insurance carriers to each pay 50 percent if crate goes missing Friend took big loss last year from shipping loss?

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Does an insurance company have ownership of the vehicle after they pay for your total loss?

If you settle a total loss with an insurance company & choose not to keep the car, you have to send them your signed title and release possession of your vehicle to them in o

Can you get full coverage from other insurances on a car if is was declared a total loss by your insurance?

  If the vehicle has not been repaired and inspected and title cleaned up, any insurer doing their job will restrict or not write collision and comp. However it does happe

What do you do when an at-fault driver has insufficient insurance to pay for your total loss?

Insurance DelimmaDepending on what state you live in check your insurance policy for Under or UN insured motorist coverage. In some states it is an elective coverage and in ot

Who pays for losses by the people who buy insurance?

If what you are asking is who/what pays the losses of claims submitted to an insurer, the answer is, if it is a covered claim, the insurer. The nature of insurance is that in
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Does Paypal insure losses on eBay?

They wont pay if an ex-girlfriend steals your money they call it  "Friendly Fraud" and if you can make a claim it can take you or the  police a year to get your transaction