Is it possible to double coverage for cargo insurance If a loss then get the 2 insurance carriers to each pay 50 percent if crate goes missing Friend took big loss last year from shipping loss?

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Can an auto insurance carrier designate their med payments coverage secondary to any other health insurance in CA as a result of an auto loss?

This is sticky, not sure what you mean by 'designate' secondary. Assume you are saying your health insurance has to pay first and med pay picks up what's left? Yes, in some st

Does an insurance company have ownership of the vehicle after they pay for your total loss?

If you settle a total loss with an insurance company & choose not to keep the car, you have to send them your signed title and release possession of your vehicle to them in or

What do you do when an at-fault driver has insufficient insurance to pay for your total loss?

Insurance Delimma Depending on what state you live in check your insurance policy for Under or UN insured motorist coverage. In some states it is an elective coverage and in

What is catEgory d insurance loss?

Answer . \nFrom the internet:\n. \nCategory D - most likely to be nonstructural damage and should be relatively easily repairable. In this case the vehicle may have been

Category c insurance loss?

\nA vehicle is Cat C when the cost of repairing it's damage is more than the pre-accident value of the car.

What is a category c insurance loss?

Category C indicates Repairable salvage. . This usually applies to vehicles with significant damage and where the cost of repairs exceeds the book value. It can be sold for r

If a loss occurs to a structure how much does the insurer pay?

Ordinarily, the insurer will pay to restore the structure to its pre-loss condition. When the homeowners insurance is purchased, optional coverage is generally available to en

What type of insurance will pay for the loss of the insured's leg or arm?

Accidental death and dismemberment is one kind of insurance that may pay for this loss. Also, some life insurance policies provide for the payment of part of the proceeds in a