How can I use HTC Touch PC Suite on my MacBook?

The HTC Touch is a Windows mobile device and the associated PC Suite is only available for computers running the Windows operating system. To use these with a MacBook would re (MORE)

How do you enter unlock code for HTC touch pro 2?

If you want to unlock your HTC Touch Pro2 so you can use it on a different carrier, follow the instructions below: . Switch ON the mobile with a sim card that is not accept (MORE)

Can I use an unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2 with a Sprint contract - unlocked means no sprint or other company sign on the phone?

an unlocked phone could mean one of two things. One, the phone belongs to a GSM carrier (like T-mobile, or AT&T) but being that it is unlocked you can use it with any carrier (MORE)

Is the HTC an android?

HTC is a company, not a device. Most of HTC's newer phones are Android-based, using their own variation of the software known as Sense. It is often seen to be a more well-roun (MORE)