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Can one person apply for a home equity line of credit when there are two names on the mortgage?

Answer . It is possible. One person may apply on for a HELOC and the loan may be made on the credentials of the one borrower but the previous co-mortgagor/owner may be req (MORE)
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What are the advantages of two properties under one mortgage?

There may be more advantages having two mortgages. That way, if your economic status changes and you can no longer afford it all, you could keep one property and let the lende (MORE)

Where can one purchase a home mortgage?

To purchase a home, most people will need a mortgage. Check with your bank and see if they can approve you and what kind of rate they offer. Your personal bank is the best s (MORE)

How do you purchase the balance of home that had a Reverse Mortgage on it?

First, you must have legal standing to pay off the mortgage. That means you must be the original mortgagor or an heir of the original mortgagor. You must contact the bank that (MORE)