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Is it true that mangrove jacks eat Air and Water?

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What eats mangrove trees?

As mangrove trees decompose, they become food for a number of  marine life. Shrimp, crabs, fish and some birds eat the decomposed  mangrove.

What are mangroves?

Tropical evergreen trees or shrubs that grow along tidal shores. The common mangrove grows about 30 feet tall, has thick, leathery leaves, pale-yellow flowers, and edible frui

What does the Mangrove Finch eat?

The mangrove finch eats, with it's specialized beak that is long and pointed with a curved culmen, insects hidden within tree bark. It pulls off the bark and then eats the tin

Why mangroves live in salt water?

Mangroves have special features which protect them from salt. Some mangroves are able to filter most of the salt out as they take water in through their roots, some concentrat

What is mangrove?

Mangroves are plants growing at sea shore and in the creeks, Most of these having respiratory roots and vivipary.

What do mangrove frogs eat?

The Mangrove frog eats crabs and it lives in mangrove swamps and  marshes. It is the only known modern amphibian which can eat  anything other than insects.