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Why don't more companies have comparable worth pay system?

Comparable worth is the concept that women and men should receiveequal pay for jobs calling for comparable skill and responsibility.Even today most organizations are headed by (MORE)

Is the xbox 360 elite worth paying extra for or should you just purchase the original 360 and not arcade?

The 360 Elite is known for its 120 GB hard drive and HDMI AV Cable which come standard, and its jet black console, controller, and headset. The Arcade version has no headset, (MORE)

Is it worth paying extra for a ps3 rather that an xbox 360 elite?

The Xbox 360 Elite has a USA May 2010 Retail price of $299.99. The PS3 120 GB slim model has a USA May 2010 retail price of $299.99 and the 250GB model is $50 more. You should (MORE)

Why do people compare prepaid phones to billed phones when every time you run out of minutes you either have to buy more or pay extra on your bill?

While people may feel the need to compare prepaid to monthly phone service. They might be trying to factor in their usage using one plan over the other. Some customers might n (MORE)