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Is adding sugar to tea a physical change?

Yes it is a physical change. When the sugar is dissolved in the tea, the sugar retains its property of sweetness. And you could let the tea evaporate and you would have the or

When you make tea is it a chemical change?

Yes, making tea involves chemical changes. You mix the dried leaves with hot water so that the compounds in the leaves leach into the water, and then strain off the leaves, le

Is sugar dissolving in hot tea a physical or chemical change?

Dissolving sugar(sucrose) in hot water is a chemical reaction since the sucrose breaks down into glucose and fructose. The acidity of the tea does play a part since it speeds

Is mixing sugar in iced tea a physical or chemical change?

It is a physical change, because the sugar does not actually combine with the iced tea to form a new compound. You can prove this by evaporating the liquid and separating out

Is the sugar dissolving in tea a physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change because Sucrose (sugar) when dissolved in water is converted into Glucose and Fructose, and can not be collected back from tea or water.
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Is stirring sugar into a cup of tea a physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change. Table Sugar is the crystallized form of liquid Sucrose(also simply known as, Sugar.) By stirring sugar into the tea you are using the tea as a catalys