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Is a marriage legal if a marriage certificate is not issued?

  Answer     That would depend upon the laws of the state in which the union occurred.     However, state laws require that the person who can perform leg (MORE)

What are social issues?

The term "social issues" is used to describe issues that affect the  way humans interact and communicate with each other. Some examples  of social issues are: race prejudice (MORE)

Why is same-sex marriage an issue?

There are several reasons, but probably the main reason is, many religious sects believe that homosexuality is a sin and/or a perversion and therefore two homosexual people wh (MORE)

Is same-sex marriage a social issue?

Yes, in political terms, same-sex marriage is classified as a social issue, as is abortion. It is not primarily an economic issue, a health issue, an education issue, a nation (MORE)

How do you save a marriage with trust issues?

This is one of the toughest decisions to take in an ongoing relationship, after the trust has been broken. The feelings of betrayal and hurt overwhelm you and such feelings ar (MORE)

Who issues your marriage license?

The clerk at the county office where you applied. Once the license has been executed, you will get a certificate.
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Why is same-sex marriage a social issue?

As same-sex marriage becomes reality in more and more states and countries, gays and lesbians in other places will realize that they no longer have to be satisfied with second (MORE)