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What are the most common mistakes made when developing a business plan?

    Common Business Planning Mistakes     There are a number of mistakes that entrepreneurs and business owners make when crafting their business plans. The m

How is a disaster recovery business resumption plan developed?

A disaster recovery plan is simply a documented process that enables your business to regain full or partial functionaliy in the event of a disaster. Creating that process can

What are the major reasons for the development of a common culture?

  The primary reason for the development of a common culture is probably a commonly shared living space or proximity.  

Develop a business plan for a condominium?

Yes, you'll need one.    The variables will be the acquisition costs of the land, the  expense of building the building(s) containing the units, and the  market for w

What is the major reason for historical development of government?

According to Jared Diamond in his book, "Guns, Germs and Steel", it starts when there is enough food being produced to support non-food producing people. Some may be potters a

What specialist services could you utilise when developing a business plan?

You may wish to engage a consultant specializing in capitalization  strategies. Other specialists you may consider include an  accountant to prepare your pro formas; a consu
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What is the first step in creating a business development plan?

The first step in creating a business development plan would be knowing your business. In order to create your business plan, you must know what business you are entering insi