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Is had plural or singular?

Had is the past tense conjugation of the verb have, it is used for both singular and plural subjects.

Is they a singular or plural?

Historically, they is a third-person plural pronoun, however, in recent times it has gained usage as a third person singular pronoun and has been used in place of he/she Does

Is is plural or singular?

"Is" is singular. More specifically, it is the verb TO BE conjugated to the third person singular, present tense. For example: He is smart. She is running. Henry is hilarious

Is was or were plural or singular?

The words was and were are not singular or plural, BUT... WAS is used after a singular noun, and WERE is used after a plural noun. Examples: The dog (a singular noun)

Is we singular or plural?

The pronoun 'we' is the plural form, first person subjective personal pronoun. The singular, first person subjective personal pronoun is 'I'.

Have is plural or singular?

Have is used with plural noun phrase subjects or with I, we, they, you. We have a new car. The neighbours have an old car.

Is they singular or plural?

They is plural. Because you wouldn't say, "They is over there," you would say, "They are over there." and the word "are" is the plural form of is.The pronoun 'they' is a plura

Is it a plural or a singular?

The personal pronoun 'it' is singular, a word that takes the  place of a singular noun for a thing.   The corresponding plural, personal pronouns are they as the  subjec

Is you a singular or plural?

You is second person, singular. It is also second person, plural.

What is singular and plurals?

A 'singular' (singular noun) is a word for one person, place, or  thing.   A 'plural' (plural noun) is a word for two or morer persons,  places, or things.    EXA

Is it singular or plural?

The pronoun 'it' is singular, third-person singular. It can be a subject or an object. The plural third-person pronouns are they (for a subject), and them (for the object of

Is there singular or plural?

There has several functions and takes a singular or plural verb form depending on use: Pronoun: There is the exit. There are two more exits down the corridor. Adverb: The