Is raven symone a real desiner in real life?

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Who is Raven-Symone?

Raven was a cute star that began her work in the mid 80's being one of the first child rappers, She sold over 100,000 copies. She also had a acting career from the Cosby show as Olivia, She then went to star in Hanging wit mr. cooper as Nicole. She then went to acting in her own show That's So Raven (MORE)

Who is raven symone?

Raven Symone plays a number of characters on different t.v. shows. such as, THE COSBY SHOW as OLIVIA KENDALL, HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER as NICOLE LEE, KIM POSSIBLE as MONIQUE, & THATS SO RAVEN as RAVEN BAXTER. raven symones birthday is December 10th, 1985.

What is ravens REAL NAME?

well after going through a lot of peoples answers who insist that ravens real name is the same question as ravens msn well, ravens REAL NAME is raven symone. No it's NOT. It is S.F.P those are her initials. I'm a friend of her's so I won't reveal it. She can if she wants.

How are real numbers used in real life?

Real numbers are used in real life in like the discount pricesof a sale or when a teacher grades your paper.... there are lotsmore... :) . ADDED: Put simply, the Real Numbers are those in which we count or measurereal things: objects, people, money, distances, weights, etc..

Is wwe really real in real life?

yes it is because when Jeff hardy does a swanton u could see how much it hurts him because he is the only superstar who risks his body and health every week on smackdown or raw.and by the way Jeff is the best in the wwe because pepule get in pain.

What is raven real name?

Her real name is Raven symone!!!!!!! not baxter It is not Raven or Riley, It's SFP the initials. I'm a friend and won't reveal it, but this answer here is totally wrong. Carl

Can you do real Naruto moves in real Life?

If your talkin about Taijutsu, youd probably kill yourself. If youre talking about the other ones, Id say no unless you think theres is such thing as Charkra and stuff :P No offence if you do though :|

In the real life are there real witches?

Yes, we are real. No we are not green with warts, nor do we cackle. you don't have to do Wicca to be a witch. Wicca is more spiritual. though you do have to believe in god, heaven that sort of thing for a spell to work. there are three kinds of witches white, grey and black. Black is out of the qu (MORE)

Where do you find Mudkips in real in real life?

actually they are called mudskippers in real life and you can find them and they can be found in wet and swampy areas in Africa whoever wrote this failed ^ :p anyways there is a creature called an axolotl and you find them in mexico and you can buy them online

What is Hannah Montanas real real life?

her real life has a total of a 5 she is a rock star she is not a lesb.**** it's just acting or playing in utube i feel not good and know this is her real life and...its not a LIE soooooo...... she is a good person and i hope you understand me beecause i fell bad about all those mean comments so aft (MORE)

What is Raven Baxter's real cell?

WikiAnswers doesnot disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamousalike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

Is the charmed ones real in real life?

no, but witches(wicans) are real they do not fight demons i would know i am one we are children of the earth we came from earth there for we will go back. all of our spells,potions, rituals,and candles are based and made from the earth. we worship the earth and the elements

IS life real?

i think, therefore i am. someone smart said that. someone unlike me. maybe its like the matrix, and thinking is all we do. maybe it is real and there is no way to prove it. either way, narrow minded people will never understand this question. so asking your math teacher will probably result in a mat (MORE)

Is magic real in real life?

It could be. Some believe in magic, while some don't; just like some believe in the paranormal, while others don't.

Is the after life real?

Nobody has made the return journey to tell us. Although, if you have ever used a disassociate such as Nitrous or Ketamine, you will soon realize that there is much more going on then we humans living on this plane of Earth will ever realize. Also, look into some books that document people who have d (MORE)

What is renessmaee real name in real life?

NO ONE KNOWS. She comes into the story in the 4rth and final book. Renesmee is obviously not in the movie yet because it has not been made. There for her actor( and real name) has not been decided. But her full name in the book is Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

Is the grude real in real life?

excorsit are real since the spirit of a demon has entered the body of an innocent host. who knows who can be the next victim of these terryfying demons. it could be you or your loved one >:D

Are ravens real birds?

Yes. Ravens are real birds.They are found in the NorthernHemisphere. They are entirely black, right down to their legs,eyes, and even their beak!

Are there real Assassins in real life?

Yes, there are. They will not kill civilians at whim, but they will kill high value targets (HVTs) for money. The type of assassins can vary. Melee (most dangerous) or using a ranged weapon (gun, crossbow, bow and arrow, Etc.) which is the least dangerous to use.

Is sonic real in real life does he exist?

Ive heard a rumor that a worker in SEGA does have a hedgehog. He's not blue, but he bought it in honor of Sonic's new game, or an anniversarry or something like that.

How do you used real numbers in your real life?

numbers are used in every day life such as how old are you? whats 2+2? if your talkin about real number as in |-26| = 26 then yeah forget it. I think that real numbers would be used in things like how far are you away from something for example you wouldn't need to know if you are - amount awa (MORE)

What if you want to be a real vampire in real life?

Being a vampire is not a lifestyle choice. Vampires are a fantasy, a figment of a writers imagination. I recommend finding a vampire movie or TV series. It keeps you entertained, although it won't help you solve your problem. A good TV series is "Vampire Knight" and a lot of people find "Twilight" b (MORE)

Are wizards real in real life?

No to be a wizard you would have to be able to preform magic. the "magic" we know is just an illusion, therefore You cant really be a wizard. correction, magic is only an illussion if your someone like chris angel or dave copperfield (magician) in fact, everyones a wizard. they are just considered m (MORE)

How do you become a real wizard in real life?

This is a controversial subject and it is important all sides are heard. Please do not blank these answers, just add your own thoughts to the bottom of the list. Answer 1 Well you can't, because there's no such thing as magic! Harry Potter is just a movie! Answer 2 If you want to become (MORE)

What did raven-symone do?

Raven Symone did a little bit of everything. She started out on the Cosbes (i know i spelled it wrong) She was a singer/rapper. She also had her own show on Disney channel called That's So Raven. She also was a star in the cheetah girls. im gonna be truthful if you don't know who or what Raven Symon (MORE)

Will zombies ever be real in real life?

Most of us believe that it was made up, but we can't be sure. (Don't read this if you're scared)! According to Nostramadus, he predicted that the world will end December 21st,2012. We have no idea how the world will end, but if this is real, 1 of these cases may lead to zombies. But don't worry abou (MORE)

Are sorcerers real in real life?

Well, when using the term as a general meaning of anyone who practices magick (not with a c, but with a ck), then yes, though most of us prefer the name witch (which really is both male and female). It's a real craft, just as woodworking, forging, and tailoring (though most of these other crafts are (MORE)

Are vocaloid real in real life?

They are computer software thingies so yes and no. When they perform, they are projected on to a screen (holograms). No, they are not real, actual living people.

Is santa clues real and real life?

Santa Claus is NOT real.He is just a made up character for little kids.Alot of people think he is real but he isnt real.But however St Nick is like a Santa Claus and he was called Santa because he gives out gifts to people.So if u ask yourself if Santa Claus is real it is a no but if u ask yourself (MORE)

Is after life real?

Well it depends on your spiritual belief. Most Christians believe in Heaven and im not quite sure what other religions believe in, but that is a question that you have to answer yourself.

Is huey freeman real in real life?

No, Huey Freeman is not a real life person. The character of Huey Freeman is named after, but not based on Huey P. Newton. Huey Freeman is a character in the comic and cartoon Boondocks.