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Is silicone bakeware safe?

By and large, silicone bakeware is very safe. Silicone itself isn't toxic. You could eat a few pieces and they'd pass through you undigested; it won't break down in your gut. (MORE)
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Is silicone bakeware toxic?

It is a very recent invention, and has not been investigated enough. It is probably not as toxic as Teflon, but stick with something time tested and pure, such as sand enamele (MORE)

How safe is silicone?

It's non-toxic and doesn't allow bacteria to grow on it easily, but you don't say in what way safe. It's safe to cook with. . It seems reasonably safe for body implants - alt (MORE)

If stone bakeware that is microwave safe also oven safe?

It will have to cope with much greater heat in a conventional oven. However, as oven-ware it must have been fired and glazed in a kiln, where it would be subjected to greater (MORE)