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What is ward of state?

A ward of the state is a person who is legally protected by a court. It may happen if a child is left orphaned and has no relatives or an incapacitated person has nobody to ta (MORE)

Adult ward of the state?

My daughter is in a position that could force her Dad to become a ward of the state. He is a severe alcoholic with medical and mental problems that accompany alcoholism. He is (MORE)

Are you a ward of the state while on parole?

As an inmate in a correctional facility, offenders are wards of the state. So, technically yes. While on parole you are still under the jurisdiction of the DOC. As such, you a (MORE)

What does it mean for a child to be ward of the state?

If you have been removed from your parents by Child Protective Services, and placed into foster care, then you are a ward of the state. Also, if the child is removed from the (MORE)