What does Ward of the state mean?

a child who, as determined by the State where the child resides, is a foster child, is a ward of the State or is the custody of a public child welfare agency. The term does no (MORE)

What is ward of state?

A ward of the state is a person who is legally protected by a court. It may happen if a child is left orphaned and has no relatives or an incapacitated person has nobody to ta (MORE)

Does disability follow you from state to state?

Individual Disability insurance will follow you to various states, as long as you remain in the United States. It will also continue to follow you even if you change employer (MORE)

Are you a ward of the state while on parole?

As an inmate in a correctional facility, offenders are wards of the state. So, technically yes. While on parole you are still under the jurisdiction of the DOC. As such, you a (MORE)

What does it mean for a child to be ward of the state?

If you have been removed from your parents by Child Protective Services, and placed into foster care, then you are a ward of the state. Also, if the child is removed from the (MORE)