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Is the Freudian perspective resistance is typically a conscious process?

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Does the subconscious information processing than the conscious?

One's mind has got filters to sift through information that is relative for that specific moment, and information that can not be used on that specific moment. The latter is s

What is a typical textile abrasion resistance?

 ASTM D 123 describes as follows    Abrasion, n---the wearing away of any part of a material by rubbing against another surface.    ASTM also has prescribed

What does conscious?

Conscious means that someone is aware of what they are thinking and  doing. Many people are aware of their day-to-day surroundings.

What is freudianism?

  What is the definition of Freudianism? I understand its a school but what is its meaning?

What is a typical concrete abrasion resistance?

Several factors influence the abrasive qualities of a concrete surface. Mix design, exposure conditions, placement and finishing regimens are foremost. For instance a broom fi

What are the shortcomings of the social process perspective?

Not every event is a sociological phenomenon. It diverts all blame to the society around a human being and puts no responsibility on the people themselves. This leads to an un

What is the typical value of resistance of an electric furnace?

Even without looking up the electrical specifications of the product, we know that its electrical resistance is relatively low. Any device designed to produce heat must ha