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What is the major difference between HTC hero and HTC magic?

They are both pretty much the same phone underneath, although the Hero has a few improvements over the Magic ...  Fingerprint proof coating on screen   HTC Sense User In (MORE)

Is HTC Hero from Sprint a world phone?

NO it's not... Very unfortunate. The latest smartphone from Sprint that is a world phone is the Blackberry Tour. Check out this in-depth HTC Hero review...  http://phandroid. (MORE)

What is the unlock code for HTC hero?

Do you mean the network unlock code, then you can get it from for your HTC Hero by   specifying the country and network to which the mobile is lo (MORE)

What is better htc hero or htc wildfire?

Only notable differences:Wildfire has newer operating systemWildfire has 20 hours more battery lifeHero has slightly higher resolution screen Specs of both devices: http://www (MORE)

Are all HTC phones the same?

HTC phones are not all the same. There are many different HTC phones on the market with various features. One of the most popular HTC phones available is the HTC One which f (MORE)