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Is the iPhone good?

The iPhone is probably the best phone I have ever seen out there compared to others. iPhones are really for people who use their phone regularly (as in everyday), if you are a (MORE)

Are iPhones good?

Definitely! I have an iPhone S, and it's amazing! Especially because you can both take pictures and record. The only thing is that it can be a bit pricey, I have 32 gb (MORE)
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How do you copy contact of iPhone to PC?

How to Back Up Contacts with iTunes Step 1: Connect iOS device to computer >Open iTunes if doesn't pop up automatically > Click the iOSdevice name on the top right corner (b (MORE)
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How do you copy words on iPhone?

Press and hold the screen , a magnifying glass will appear with a highlight drag it to the word and click copy. You can change length by the dots on the corners and insides of (MORE)

Is s4 a copy of iPhone 5?

It is simply this: both phones (the iPhone and Galaxy S series) are copies of each other. You can defend that the iPhone was released a year earlier (not like that matters too (MORE)