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What does the Secret Service do?

The United States Secret Service (USSS) is a  federal law  enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of  Homeland Security. Until 2003, the Service was part of the  U.S

Do secret societies really exist?

It depends on the definition of secret society. There are all kinds of organizations that are regarded and/or regard themselves as 'secret societies'. Often it's just adolesce

What are secret societies?

Some secret societies have been thought to have practiced ritual abuse. Secret societies may compete for members with other established organizations. They therefore may offer

How do you get in the secret service?

The U.S. Secret Service hiring requirements are listed on USAJOBS. Generally one needs a bachelors degree. Experience in security work is generally not required as well as pol

What is the secret society on Sims 2?

The secret society is a hidden (actually invisible) lot in the University. If your sim befriends three members (they can meet these on community lots, and locate them by the n

Why is the Secret Service secret?

So they could protect the president. They are supposed to keep the code names of the president and his family secret. This way, possible assassins are not given additional inf

Who was the secret society of Chinese nationalist's?

There were several. The Boxers- or society of Righeous Harmonious Fists- a cartoon of clenched fists was the insignia- brought about the Boxer Rebellion. l900 and l90l. Much l

Is Lions Club a secret society?

It requires a one word answer NO!. Anyone may join a Lions Club. Our meetings are open to visitors. There are no strange rituals, no dressing up in costumes, & no coded greet

Is The Lions Club a secret society?

Not in the usual sense. they are involved in charitable work for the Blind. they opeate above ground, collection boxes in Banks, for example. they have even been honored on a